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    Kaymu Frequently Asked Questions

    I forgot my password? Can I reset it?

    To retrieve your password, click here or go to the Login page and click on Forgot Password?. You will be asked to fill in and submit your email address. After doing so, you will receive an email which enables you to reset your password.

    Can I change my email address?

    Yes. You need to:
    Login to your Kaymu account and click My Account located at the right top corner of the homepage.
    Then click Account Settings from the left hand selection of your screen.
    Finally click Change Email located at the bottom right of the page to change your email address.

    I can’t register on the website

    Make sure that you don’t already hold a Kaymu account, retrieve your login details here or contact us here if you want help.
    Make sure you have filled out all required fields on the registration page.
    Click on Register and take a look at the information highlighted in red to be changed or filled.
    Once the registration form is filled out and submitted, an email notification will be sent to your email account with a link to validate your account. Please access your email to validate your account.

    If you continue to experience problems, please send an email including your phone number to cs@kaymu.pk . We will call you back ASAP and walk you through the registration process.

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    Manage and ship my orders
    How do I know that someone has bought my product?
    Once you have received an order, an SMS and/or an email alert are sent to you with the buyer’s contact details.

    How and when can I contact my buyer?
    You should contact your buyer as soon as you receive an order to confirm that you have the product, and arrange for delivery. You should be reachable and ready to answer his questions at any time until the sale is finalised. To retrieve your buyer’s contact details, click on the buyer’s name displayed under the order in the My Sales section of your account.

    What is the best way to ship a product?
    You should ship your product within 24h from receiving the order. Don’t forget to pack your product carefully to avoid damages during delivery. As soon as you ship your product, please ask for a tracking number from the delivery company, add it to the shipping details and update the status of the order.

    Remember that Kaymu works with reliable delivery companies who offer safe, secure and on-time deliveries.

    Check our Sellertips platform to get more details on our delivery partners. You can also take a look at the best practices when shipping a product.

    Why has my order been cancelled?
    If one of your orders has been cancelled by the buyer you will receive an email notification indicating the reason. You should also contact your buyer to understand what happened

    I have received an order for a product, but I don’t have the product anymore. What should I do?

    In this case you should cancel the order, and set the level of your stock to 0 for this product. Then, call your buyer to apologise and explain the situation. You can also suggest to your buyer to buy another similar product from your Kaymu shop!

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